Initial Inspiration

Initially the idea for making grafts came from a plea by a new roommate. "You're an artist?! You should display your art around the apartment!"  I never had a request like that before, and thought it a rather odd thing for me to do as I don't make art like paintings that can be hung on the wall.  I'm all for that type of art, but it's just not the type of work I make.  Yet I kept thinking about this question.  What if I did make art that was featured somehow in this apartment?  What would I make?  What would be the type of art that suits my vein of work and yet is displayed in this apartment?  The walls or shelves are not the only places art can exist in a home.  Soon things started to click.  I realized it was not a stretch at all for me to make art in a home.  Most of my work touches upon domestic spaces, objects, and always carries a thread of home, dwelling, routine and familiar spaces.  In this way I started to look at the home itself as the art and how I can highlight or enhance these aspects with a peculiar touch of my own.  The home itself, this apartment would be my inspiration and necessary base for making the work.  I started listing objects and places in the apartment I would use...the old dresser that came with the room, the green bathroom sink, my radiator.  I did a couple projects, photographed them, but no one else experienced the work except me.  Eventually I decided a community of artists to interpret this idea would broaden the discussion and add dynamism.  While the space may be "foreign" or meaningless personally to them, every artist has a connection to it because they can identify it as a home, which they themselves have personal experience with.  So a group show is currently in the mix, but for now I will be posting about what grafts are, images of grafts I create, and a peek into the making of the first group show.  Enjoy!