Memory of 171 Waverly...

"Memory of 171 Waverly Bathroom: Pantone #'s 461C and 5773C (diptych)" was the title for artist Beatrice Wolert's piece for apARTment #2. Her hand formed ceramic pieces were created mostly from memory and photos of the green and yellow bathroom. Beatrice used pantone color swatches, the photos and her memory to pick matching colors to paint her sculptures. When she brought the artwork over to install, we put the pieces against the bathroom tiles and... her calculations and recollections were pretty spot on. Not featured in the bathroom, "Memory of 171 Waverly Bathroom..." was hung on a wall in the hallway (of what looks like used to be a door frame), just on the other side of the bathroom shower. I thought about her title that begins with "Memory". Such a poignant word as I will be leaving 171 Waverly in a few days. Having lived here for 4 years, I've come quite comfortable with the peculiarities and history of this old brownstone apartment. This place has been my home since I came to New York from California in 2011, but not until this year did I really begin to see it as a place to develop art with and from, and now I'm about to leave. At apARTment #2, many asked if I am sad to leave such a great space and someone even asked if the place will continue on as an art venue. I love both questions. I will miss many things about living here...there's a reason I've stayed this long (even after plans of moving out). I think it's wonderful that to all who came here for the apARTment shows, 171 Waverly Ave is just as much a home as it is an art venue. They won't think of this place without thinking of grass on table tops, bread in radiators, or paintings on the hangers in the closet. While the physical place probably won't continue as an art venue, Graft Art most certainly will. I don't know how or where (though I am brimming with ideas), but there are spaces, homes, apartments, bathrooms and other structures waiting for an artist's fascination. A few people said after coming to apARTment #2, "let me know where you move to!" That's great...I guess wherever I move and decide to reside inherently means there will be art there too because it's a home and I'm an artist. We shall see!

"Memory of 171 Waverly Bathroom: Pantone #'s 461C and 5773C (diptych)" by Beatrice Wolert for apARTment #2

"Shower No. 1" by Laura Hinely for apARTment #1, which is the same bathroom on the other side of the wall that featured Beatrice Wolert's piece.

Close up of "Memory of 171 Waverly Bathroom: Pantone #'s 461C and 5773C (diptych)"