Excitedly Anxious for Show #2

I've been prepping for the second Graft Art group show. apARTment #2. While planning the first show, I already knew there would be a second show. There were more artists with great graft art ideas I wanted to feature. This second show will be in the same space, my apartment, but definitely not the same show. There will be ten artists this time, as opposed to six, we'll be using the backyard (yep we have one!), it will likely be hot and the sun up til late as summer fills the air. As with any new endeavor, sometimes the risk and uncertainty if your ideas will "make it" or if anyone will even care overshadow the excitement. I often sit in that place of anxious waiting. Will all the art turn out as we anticipate? Will there be enough time to promote the event properly? Who is going to come? How can I convey to people this will be worth their time when all they see of it at first is another email, social media invite, or wordy blog post? Although the first show was a success in my book and I know more of what to expect this time around, I'm still just as anxious. I want this second show to be as good or better than the first. It's got to be, right? So then I know I'm on the upswing. I was sharing a bit about my prepping for this show with a friend last night who came to the first show. His response was that of pure excitement. That's how it should be. I have to remember this is an exciting thing. While the uncertainty is what makes me anxious, it's also the uncertainty that makes the unexpected or "happy surprises" possible. Those will come. There will be artists making new work, new discussions, fresh inspiration, a transformed home, and eyes wide peeled looking up ceilings and down floors for art. For now though I will keep prepping and remember to expect the unexpected.   

apARTment #2 will be July 10-11 (see Shows for details)