Artist and Curator Melissa Browder Beck is the innovator behind Graft Art. She lives in Brooklyn, using her apartment as both her studio and space to exhibit artists. She has always had a fascination with the home, its spaces, shapes, constituents, and happenings within. Melissa is introducing Graft Art as a new type of site specific art that uses the home not merely as a place to display art, but as a material used in the artwork itself. As a curator, she seeks out artists whose vein of work melds with the concept of Graft Art, giving the artist a new avenue to making work and to allow Graft Art to take shape in the context of a vast art world. Graft Art is beginning from her apartment and this website, but will expand to appear in other types of homes, by more artists, and explore alternative modes of exhibiting art. Graft artworks, group shows, and blog writings will appear here to define and establish what Graft Art is. Learn more about the development of Graft Art on the blog.

"It's all in how you look at it.  Like how I look at my apartment.  I have laid on my floor and stared at the ceiling hundreds of times...but not until I started thinking in this vein of using "home as material" did I see the potential and necessity of making art here and with this place."